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Our project is a non-profit group dedicated to restoring PlayStation Home's original network functionality!
This includes game preservation, history and education in the game development industry!

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When's Online going to be released?

There is no estimate, as it takes time to fill in the blanks and reverse engineer the online servers of the game. All work is done in our spare time as a labor of love. Because of this we are limited to the number of hours a day we can put into this project.

What platform will this project be available on?

At the moment we can confirm this project works for Official Firmware and Hybrid Firmware on the PlayStation 3 (PS3) system, and RPCS3. Although there may be quite a bit of loss of function, the general experience is still present.

Is there still an offline?

Working on the project for as long as we have, we've come to the conclusion there's a better way to go about things. Especially when working with intellectual property that we do not own. Amongst ourselves we have decided the better option is to put all of our focus towards the online content that will be provided to users, with as little change as possible. With all this in mind, we've discontinued support for the 'offline' build.

Do you accept donations?

We do not take any monetary forms of donations. If you've got PlayStation Home still installed on your PlayStation 3 (PS3) system, we can walk you through the steps to extract and donate it to the project. This allows us to rebuild the same exact world you know and love!

Our Github is a treasure trove of Home related content. Every cache data donated to our team gets put into the repository and archived for our content delivery network. If you donated PlayStation home data or plan to donate it, it will be here in our delivery repository.

Your PlayStation Home Data explained.

Why is PlayStation Home data important?

Home worked off of a cache based system, it cached your new downloads up to a 3GB, 6GB, 9GB or 12GB saved size and deleted the rest. This means EVERY map, every piece of clothing, every minigame or object you've downloaded within that limit is still in your console if you haven't uninstalled it.

We use this data to rebuild the world in EVERY way. The world wouldn't be the same without people like you donating cache data.

In this way EVERY cache data is unique, your cache data was your experience on Home and completely unique to your playstyle that you could share with others to fill the world.

Is there personal information in my data?

There's no personal information that could be traced back to you with the exclusion of your profile picture.

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